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What Are Tissue Allograft Procedures?

Tissue Allograft Procedures transfer donated Wharton’s jelly tissue into the joints or areas of pain for structure, cushion, and viscosity. Here’s a detailed explanation of what tissue allograft procedures are:

Functions and Applications


  • Restoring “homeostasis”: Each year, there are over 1 million annual human allograft transplants to help with damaged or dead tissues. Biologic tissues, such as Wharton’s jelly are among the many clinical options available to practitioners.
  • Quality Control of Tissues: To preserve relevant biological, biochemical, and physical properties of allografts for clinical use and ease of handling, the tissue we use is cryopreserved at -80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Screening Tissues: Modern tissue-processing methods are used to screen all tissues used. These include steps to prevent processing tissues with unacceptable bioburden through rigorous screening using donor medical and social histories, microbial testing of recovered tissue, and viral testing of donor serum.
  • Research: Research continues to drive advances, and the future direction of allograft tissue likely includes injectables, coatings, cellular therapies, and combinations with other materials.

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