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Non-Surgical Joint Pain Treatments

Joint pain can affect your quality of life and is often debilitating. Perhaps you’ve had trouble walking or even performing activities as simple as sitting down and standing up for years.

Maybe your doctor has said that you need knee surgery or a hip replacement. These are invasive surgical procedures from which it can take up to a year for patients to fully recover.

However, there is good news! Our regenerative therapies promote the restoration of function of cartilage and bone tissue, providing patients with an alternative joint pain treatment to surgery. Many have discovered our clinics while searching for natural or non-invasive joint pain treatments. Reclaim Health Group can assist with all types of pain in the knees, shoulders, hips, and other joints, whether that pain is due to an underlying chronic condition or a recent or even former accident or sports injury.

Chronic Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis is a chronic degenerative condition of the joints where tissues become inflamed, irritated, and worn down over time. Chronic arthritis patients will often find that as their condition carries on, they experience increased pain and reduced range of motion, despite medication and physical therapy.

One promising avenue of alternative treatment to promote chronic arthritis pain relief is regenerative medicine, which uses the body’s existing mechanisms to decrease the pain from arthritis without invasive surgical procedures.

If you have joint pain due to arthritis, you may not need to have a joint replacement or surgery to treat the condition. Our non-invasive biologic therapies are an alternative to surgery for pain due to arthritis.  Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic joint pain due to arthritis in your hands, knees, or legs, or you need a non-surgical hip arthritis treatment, we may be able to help.

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Regenerative Medicine for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be frustrating. Those affecting tendons and ligaments, such as torn ACL/torn meniscus injuries, take several weeks or months to heal and require complete rest to heal completely. More serious injuries can even derail your entire sports career. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just someone who enjoys sports and moving around, you need a reliable and effective way of managing your injuries.

Regenerative medicine can help provide golfer’s elbow pain relief and may even be a non-surgical alternative.

Our protocols at Reclaim Health Group usually work best as part of a full recovery regime that can include rest, bracing, and physical therapy. By combining traditional sports injury treatments with regenerative medicine, you get the benefits of both.

Not only will you recover faster, but you’ll also find that you’re less prone to re-injury, as regenerative therapy can help strengthen existing tendons, ligaments, and even cartilage.

Musculoskeletal Pain Conditions

Musculoskeletal pain refers to any number of conditions that affect the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones.

Common examples of musculoskeletal pain include plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, lumbago (low back pain), and various sports injuries such as golfer’s or tennis elbow.

These can be the result of trauma (such as falls, sprains, or jerking movements ) as well as overuse, repetitive movements, or poor body mechanics.

Traditional treatments include taking anti-inflammatories and painkillers while the body recovers. Physical therapy often helps manage musculoskeletal injuries and pain, but sometimes, more aggressive action is needed to get the pain relief you need.

Regenerative medicine for joint pain is becoming increasingly popular as a method to manage soft tissue injuries. 

At Reclaim Health Group, we will perform a comprehensive examination and offer the best treatment plan for your specific condition. Our primary goal is to help you avoid surgery and its related complications while preventing further injuries.

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